The birth and development of product requirements

You can’t have much of a conversation with a marketing type without stumbling across the term “perceived value”.(PV) What they are referring to here is the “reason to buy your product”. Just think of it as another currency. The more of this PV you give to your customer the more of their currency they will be happy to give to you. That’s the ten second MBA, all you ever need to know about business.

Bridging between the web and the real world

In a world of 7000,000,000, in a country of 60,000,000 in a town of 30,000 people, how do you find 100 clients for your new accountancy business?
Why you search the 7 billion of course via the internet until you find some who happen to be near you and need an accountant, or at least like you enough to pay you anyhow. OK got that thanks.