Has privacy and freedom of individuals reached the same status as drunken celebrity affairs

Theft of personal data has become so common we are beginning to ignore the headlines, like the latest politician telling lies, or a Hollywood star sleeping in the wrong bedroom. Of-course the whole world has no choice but to swallow US news feeds every day regardless where they live, but all over the world this … Read more

The saga of Digital Transformation is in many ways more confused than ever. Here are eight recommendations you  ignore at your peril.

  This is a discussion about Digital transformation that addresses mostly the approach to delivering transformation and the rationale and drivers, but I have stayed away from some very important themes such as how to develop strategies for tomorrow, how to prepare an organisation or the change and how to lead the organisation into a … Read more

Delivering the right project

Really! – Have you seen this new stuff?
This could easily have been Mick Jagger and Keith Richards after their first successful gig. In the modern world, it is more likely to be a hard working CTO talking to a COO about his systems needs