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Ed is a senior consultant specialised in introducing IT solutions to change and improve businesses or grow successful products. As a frustrated marketer, he returned to full-time education to study computer science and served several years as a Software Engineer at IBM and GE and moving into the consulting space before becoming an independent consultant helping SMEs to grasp the internet and ecommerce and helping advertising agencies to grasp a share of the new (now maturing) market.
A series of Contract/Interim roles has seen him set up a software product department for one client and develop a full successful portfolio followed by a complete turnaround of Enterprise Architecture and service culture for another before delivering a series of high profile government projects up to £20M and more recently delivering  change in the Broadcast industry

Today the contract market that was alluring in 2000 onwards is less interesting and has mostly morphed into a temp workforce whose main value proposition is flexibility of tenure. Ed will talk to interim recruiters, but if you are a recruiter focused on this kind of thing there are better choices available to you.

 Ed specialises in being a generalist.
There are two kinds of generalists, those who know very little; the ones with the 3 day certificate and an answer to everything and the ones who have all the t-shirts.
Ed has the certificates, but he also has a lot of t-shirts and nowadays, he mostly works directly for businesses large and small who need external expertise, fresh eyes and a wealth of experience gained from successful companies that are winning the game in their fields: Retail, Manufacture, Utilities, Broadcast, Travel, Publishing, Dot.Com, Consulting, Automotive and of course eCommerce are areas of particular expertise.
A unique level of empathy for customers and personal commitment to treating customers well is the backbone of everything Ed does and lends itself equally well to driving business change in complex environments as it does to delivering successful projects, deriving ROI out of eCommerce initiatives, or forging strong relationships between IT and the business.

Ed is a pragmatic person and won’t spare you the bad news, nor suffer foolishness, but has consulting skills and patience to offer assistance tactfully and to lead by example.  Ed prefers to facilitate decisions, only interfering to move past hesitation, council past doubt, or introduce new expertise where needed and he manages projects by consensus, but with a single mindedness once the plan has been agreed. Consult- Plan- Do-Review-Consult. Is the simple motto that works just as well for short agile cycles of a few weeks at a time as for large undertakings lasting a year or more.

Ed has been accused of being a workaholic, but this is a falsehood, because in reality, achieving at work is as important as enjoying private life and enjoying work-life and warm stimulating relations with colleagues is the backbone of the workplace productivity.

How to engage
Engaging with Ed is a designed to be a very painless and low-risk affair that can save you money and headaches compared to most approaches.
1. Make contact: You can email  on enquiries@thebridger.co.uk and leave a telephone number.

  1. Tell us what is more comfortable for you and give some windows to arrange a telephone chat, or a meeting.
  2. When you are ready, meet and discuss your situation and what you want to achieve, decide if this is someone you’d be relaxed and confident  working with. This is critical.
  3. When you are ready, outline the problem in enough detail to decide whether Ed possesses the right skills for your situation. Even if the answer is no, you may come away with a good recommendation, or helpful advice. None of this costs anything.
  4. Agree a preliminary piece of work to define the problem and the options and select a best solution and decide whether you want to proceed further

The benefits of contacting Ed first are very simple if not immediately obvious:

  1. No Big-four company raking-off fees just a straightforward interim arrangement with Ed’s company.
  2. A series of one or more short assignments between your business and Ed’s that safeguards you from employment issues and gives you the option to commit in small stages and build confidence.
  3. Advanced and specialised problem solving and solution delivery skills equal to any available at any level of any consultancy and without the premium fees.
  4. An ecosystem of other consultants and services including and supporting  Project Management that can be introduced when required, or as an alternative, to meet your needs precisely.
  5. The opportunity to purchase just the time you need rather than glorified temp.

For a CV with some case studies visit WWW.thebridger.co.uk/cv.html
To see some references visit https://www.linkedin.com/in/edtaaffe
For help hiring exactly the right person  email enquiries@thebridger.co.uk or call +44 (0) 7730956672


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