Services offered

Interim management roles in:

Project Management

PMP certified with more than 70m delivered  successfully in technology(Business Process Automation) , product development and management from ideation to after launch and business change in the private and public sectors. MSP expert, Scrum Product Owner,DSDM certified with foundations in TOGAF and ITIL

Programme Management

As above plus with  experience of two major turnarounds in the NGO arena involving total change of direction, new skills, new structures, new direction and of course new technology.
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Help with hiring the right people.

No, I don’t offer a recruitment service. I help enlightened recruiters and intelligent clients to specify the right skillset for the job and pre-screen by telephone to make sure you are only interviewing the right people. I don’t take commissions, I simply charge be the hour and you will find it adds enormous value to the process for little cost.
In response to requests I have been increasing my panel of advisers who have helped me personally for years, so that I can broaden this service to cover  a wider skills area.
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What is unique about what I offer?

In nearly 20 years in the business, I have yet to meet another who can start at the beginning and work with CX levels and SROs to  help you devise strategy and principals, or product plans, move on to  consulting, workshops and writing system user journeys and stories, technical specifications and architecture, hire a team and plan and deliver a project via waterfall, agile or any mixture that fits and keep you and your team informed and engaged throughout.
If you have inexperienced staff you are trying to develop, I take great pleasure in helping them to develop their skills and take over the work and in helping you find their current state of maturity and plan a route to where you want to be.

Of course on bigger projects I can’t do all of that alone, but the ability to do so is crucial.
Yes, of course, If I only specialised in one of these things, I might do that thing better, or at least it would be easier for me, but then my project would be brought down by the inadequacies of other disciplines and lack of useful communication.

The inescapable fact is this:

“A car will not run on a great engine alone, much less win the race”

You need specialists, but the most important specialist of all is the genuine generalist who makes sure that the specialists all work in harmony.

If you are hiring project managers and you have been kidded into believing something else, most likely by recruitment consultants who have never delivered a project, wrote a line of code , designed a user journey, or engineered a business change, then   I suggest that your projects have probably been running into difficulties.

eCommerce and online product consulting

Initial proposition, commercial analysis, competitive analysis, proofs of Concept, Customer research (Perosna development, segmentation, social media profiling)  User journey design, analysis and debugging, shopping cart and CTA debugging and conversion rate optimisation.

As above plus  experience of e commerce since 1997 when as a programmer I wrote Stoves plc first ecommerce store with an online visual stove designer, which was so successful it hit mainstream media. In 2000 I invented the “car configurator” at Ford while working for IBM. This tool allowed customers to design their own car online visually, an upgraded copy of this is still in use at JLR and driving their growth across the globe coupled with JIT manufacturing. In 2010 I drove forward the next phase of it to allow booking test drives and selecting the optimum financing plan across Europe.

Others include Tesco, Gisajob,Wolf  Garden, Calthorpe Property, Questions Publishing, New World, Phones4U, Telegraph, Pearson, Carnival cruise lines,  Planning Portal.

If you are unhappy about the way your ecommerce is going, If you need to help to review what is going well or not so well or if you are CEO of a smaller businesses ready to take on the big boys, then submit the form below and I will make contact to arrange a chat.


In addition to Interim Roles

Immersion workshops that accelerate critical touch points while applying a safety net

These models of best practice are delivered by a small consulting team usually two or three and are aimed to address the main sources of project failure so that you can access just the help you need and do the remainder in house. 
Not only do you get assured quality, but there is a substantial time saving that impacts your schedule positively. 
Immersion models involve your people heavily and have proven a great vehicle for skill transfer in the past, delivering a double benefit.

Business briefing model builds solid business requirements and stakeholder team in  as little as four days.

Business case model completes a comprehensive rock solid business case in as little as seven days.

Project planning model gets you off to a promising start with all the bases covered and takes as little as four days.

Implementation Planning Model pulls together all the key elements for a successful implementation right up to benefit realisation.

Project Quality Model  Project stage gate reviews, QA oversight and tailored PMO activities

Research into how people learn and perform has shown that senior executives benefit form total immersion that challenges them sufficiently to exclude all other thoughts from their minds allowing them to focus totally.

When immersion methods are followed by a period of flexibility to consider what has been achieved and return to it later to finalise it, or to “colour between the lines”, the return on investment is remarkably higher than any other form of consulting, training, or coaching.  The outcome includes not just a remarkable amount of work completed in a short time, but also an unexpected level of skills transfer.

Immersion programmes are always customised to fit your needs precisely and can be delivered in small chunks when this is appropriate.

Immersion programmes from the bridger are a great way to:

  • Get your project, or work package off to a flying start
  • Get a project back on track
  • Get external help that develops and supports the team rather than undermining it
  • Add an extra level of Quality Assurance and objective analysis.

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