We currently offer two In-A-Day training courses for business plus exam preparation courses for PMP.

These courses are designed to deal with critically important aspects of your systems projects by training your key people in advance.

Project management In A Day

This course can be customised to your needs, but in essence it equips the candidates with the basic knowhow required to set up a project structure correctly, engage and manage stakeholders and plan and monitor a project  effectively

It is our experience that less than a quarter of practicing Project managers achieve this basic level of performance regardless of the certification they may hold and it is our firm belief that candidates who attend this training and follow the guidelines will outperform the majority of their fellows.  The course is also a great starting point for a certification course such as Prince 2 foundation, or CAPM. It differs from these however in that it focuses on teaching actionable skills rather than theory.

To download the course brochure click here: Project management In-A-Day


Business Requirements In A Day

This course will equip candidates with the ability to engage business stakeholders correctly understand their concerns and form the goals of the project in such a way as to directly address these concerns while remaining fully within the current plans, strategies and operating principals of the business.
This single capability can improve performance on projects quite remarkably both in terms of benefits and in terms of cooperation and communication between stakeholders.
The course is pitched at the business architect level rather than the system features/technical requirements level and is perfect for agile environments as well as traditional delivery.

To download the course brochure click here: Business Requirements In-A-Day

PMP exam preparation

These courses are delivered in partnership with  a list of training organisations or direct in-house for large organisations.

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