Business Analysts Bridge the Business Gap

A dramatic change is taking place in the way businesses operate, and the business analyst is leading the charge.

The business analyst (or business process analyst) is the vital link between business executives and IT staff, translating business goals into IT requirements and communicating the requirements to IT. That’s no small matter. According to research firm Meta Group, “Poor requirements gathering, analysis and management are directly responsible for 70 to 80 percent of project failures.”

Until recently, IT requirements typically originated in the IT department. In some companies they still do. When IT is not given clearly defined business expectations, not surprisingly it develops solutions that fail to meet expectations. By improving communication between business stakeholders and developers in IT, the business analyst reduces costs and delays.

This article by By Charlie Orosz of Boston University discusses the change in focus as business analysts seek to bridge the gap from the business to IT as opposed to the other way around.

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