How to implement Scrum while keeping your sanity and your Job

Cost overruns, missed schedules and quality issues. These were the reasons cited for the development of Scrum. Management also wants to harvest the business value expected from new software sooner, while using fewer resources Breaking a traditional process up into small increments solves all of these problems. MSFis a wonderful example of this apart from … Read more

TOGAF – well I finally did it ( here’s the summary)

I couldn’t find a readable short summary anywhere so I decided to bear the pain, skim read the dull text and write a summary for any unfortunate person trying to get a quick overview of a new framework in an industry he/she already knows well.

My conclusion after a few hours of wading through the treacle is that it is well put together, if horrendously poor in it’s presentation.
A slight contradiction is that parts are already a bit outdated in that it pays too much attention to things like portability in a world where interoperability is the buzz word and the “cloud” and “tower of babel” are the modern metaphors, nevertheless any slight shortcomings can easily be overcome by intelligent people using it.
A sharp warning though is that; even more so than the ubiquitous Prince2 for project management, TOGAF won’t make an architect of you, you have to bring all the skills to the table and then it helps you get things in the right order, but even that is up for interpretation, so you really must know your stuff and have integrity
It is not therefore a reliable hiring tool in it’s own right and I see it as definitely a team game.

Give big data the heave-ho for now and get a birds-eye view of your business without a single nosql database.  

Lernaean Hydra, your time is up. Good management strategy and practice supported by intelligent modern systems Two question must be answered up front : 1. What value does your business delivers best? 2. What do your customers think of it? Let me explain. One enduring rule of business is “find a hungry mob and feed … Read more

The Bridger

“Bridger” A person who acts as go between or translator between the management of a business and it’s IT department or IT partners. The background Since the arrival of computers in the enterprise there has been an unfortunate and counterproductive power struggle between IT departments and other areas of the business. IT professionals share a … Read more