Interview: Christine Ashton, BP Group

Bridgers must have a wider perspective than any particular application or technology set, the group says. And they need the organizational and people skills to break down barriers between IT and business – barriers such as IT jargon – and help educate business about IT and IT about business. This means they must have the confidence of both sides.

Business analysts: a bridge between IT and business

Since the profession is relatively recent, companies are not yet quite sure where it fits in. For now, they are testing various models; some business analysts work in the computer department, while others report to the project office and yet others are distributed across each department of the company.

As says Clément Côté, senior consultant with 2C Solutions and president of the Montreal chapter of the IIBA, each of these solutions has its strengths and weaknesses

Quality for virgins

If you are involved in software and you follow almost everybody else into ignoring quality then these people have done you and your customers a terrible injustice. If on the other hand you write tomes of nonsense in quasi technical gibberish that leaves almost any one likely to read it(don;t kid yourself, they won’t) cold and confused, then you really need a long holiday and period of quiet reflection.

Project managers must be consultants and must behave like consultants – it’s a bad day for “permies

Consultants and permies are forever at war over the value of the consultant and the see him/her like the new mistress in their relationship.
The journals are still full of discussions on project failures and the shortcomings of project management.
This short piece brings a very clear insight into a major source of problems that impacts both the consultant debate and the project management debate.

Bridging the gap between the web and the real world part 5

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Bridging the gap between the web and the real world part 3

There is a fairly popular and utterly flawed theory that underlies most networking activity, which supports the latter folly and it goes something like this:
If you meet the same 60 people every month for a year and you tell them what you do and then you are nice to them every time you meet and if you pass a few scraps of leads to a few of them, eventually one of them will order from you.
The reasons it’s flawed are simply these:

Bridging the gap between the web and the real world part 2

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Programmes are the reason so many projects are deemed to have failed.

If the Project manager rarely sees the battlefield, and spends his time constructing fantasy plans without ever checking with reality and assuming that things will stay the same, then imagine how far removed the average programme manager is.

Is there still a case for IT strategic planning?

To put that in content, the earth is not round but flat and the universe is merely mirror images of the earth reflected on a layer of slightly opaque gas. The landing on the moon happened in a closed off section of MGM and hamburgers are good for you.

Seriously though..

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