Ensure your next hire lives up to expectations

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When your next hire is someone whose skills lie in Digital transformation, be it Strategy, Technical delivery, Cultural change, Solution design or the many facets of these where you may not be  an expert yourself, but in particular, when this hire is going to be responsible for your future and that of your colleagues, you owe it to yourself to seek professional advice.

It costs nothing to find out about the service and in recruitment terms, it costs precious little to add an awful lot of insurance into the process. Don’t trust a business critical decision to a commission-only recruitment expert. If you would prefer, we can manage your external recruiters at no extra cost, earning our fees from them.

Find out if we have the capacity to advise you on your specific needs. it takes very little time and the cost is minimal if you walk away, you can only gain. Apart from improving dramatically your chances of a successful project, we could save you as much as £10k on the cost of a single hire, by sending you  high calibre technically screened candidates for an hourly fee and leaving it to you to make the final decision.

The right needle form the right haystack
The right needle from the right haystack

  Act now for more effective technical recruitment.

Why do you think most nations burden themselves with poor   leaders time-after-time?
Why do so many Companies end up with the CEO from hell who   raids the coffers and leaves under a cloud?

The simple fact is that until you have done it yourself, assuming you even have a good knowledge of the discipline, you have no idea what it takes to be successful.

We are experts in the many skills needed to compose and deliver a digital transformation project, we will share our expertise to help you with a successful recruitment.

Have you ever wondered why recruitment agencies charge so much and yet few are making any money?
I have personally experienced this first hand as a candidate, as a recruiter and as an end client and I can assure my reader that despite the dissatisfaction you most probably feel with these agencies, it is no fun for the recruiter nor the candidate either.

At the root of this problem there are two key issues:

  1. Recruiters are not expert in the subject area you are recruiting, if they were they would most certainly be doing it, because it usually pays more and is generally quite rewarding, whereas recruitment in the modern environment is none of those things.  By the way you won’t find an exception to this rule, it is a widespread  and well-known fact that the expertise needed to survive in recruitment is hard nosed direct-sales. Think car salesman, You, then are the buyer and a candidate sadly is the used car.  I’ve been there many times.
  2. Recruiters, for all I said above are weak sales-people whose only USP is that they work on commission only. Surely it must have occurred to you before that this can’t be a healthy and honest working relationship.
    If 3, 4, or god-knows how many agents are all combing the same 2, or 3 job-boards for the same role and contacting the same candidates, there is treble, quadruple and much more effort going into it.  The only reason they send you different candidates is because of the randomness of their interpretation of the requirement. Hence when they finally make a placement, the cheque has to pay them for all the wasted jobs when they worked hard and didn’t get paid. Do I have to say it, “there are no free lunches“. That’s right and you and the candidate between you share the cost of this wastage not to mention the misplacements.

Try a different approach for once and I am confident you will be pleasantly surprised.

We can advertise for you if you wish  and technically screen a handful of prime candidates, or we can work with your agency to screen their candidates, put them on the right track and save you all the mistakes, Give it a try.

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