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Unlike most bloggers on the web, I’m not doing this in the expectation of riches.
I find my assignments through different channels most of the time though I have had some interesting work come to me as a result of my blogging. The pleasure of finding work from blogging fans is that they already know you and the rapport is there right from the start. That means a lot in high pressure situations.

I read blogs from people who know their stuff and write with passion and I’d love some day to be able to write in a way that connects directly with many more people who can benefit.

The information age is mostly a “confusion highway” for most of us and the single most important survival skill is the ability to block out huge volumes of  nonsense every day from adverts to road signs without blocking out anything that will cost you a friend or a job. That’s harder than many may think and we all succumb to errors.

We now have a whole generation of information addicts brought up on “the 10 best ways”, “32 best this”, “9 best that”. The genuine blogger suffocated about ten years ago under a super blanket of  superfluous noise from an army of “experts”.  I have another senence for this, but I cant publish it.  Think of the last phrase a a Freudian slip.  A friend compared usng the internet for research to sipping water from a fire hydrant. You really could suffocate on it without ever getting a wholesome drop down your neck. There is a new form of mental illness affecting millions of people who can no longer concentrate on anything because they need to see the next advert, blog, video, etc.


This picture parodies one of the most annoying habits of the last three decades. How many times have you bumped into this person?  I try very hard not to be part of the problem and continue to hope that there is still room for genuine writers who try to offer genuine insights from real experiences with no hidden agenda.  if I ever suspect otherwise I will archive this blog.

If you write for genuine reasons and you would like me to give you a mention and a link, or to publish your material, please do connect. My email is blog@thebridger.co.uk.
By the way, I dont see anything wrong with winning work through demonstrating your skills, but trying to blanket a search engine with buzzwords to draw unwary readers for  part of a second just to boost your hit rate is not my idea of marketing, or indeed anything wholesome.

If you are a recruiter or other person imagining you are geting the scoop by spying on my activity outside of work,  grow up and get a life. You won’t learn about anything apart from your own prejudices.   People don’t live in tiny boxes outside of your rarifiied worlds, especially talented ones. The surgeon who saved my friends life was a full contact karate fighter at the weekend and now he is a cage fighter.  I could bore you with many more.

Bear in mind also that communication is about delivering the mesage all the way and getting the right action. That has almost nothing to do with what you say and everything to do what the other person hears.  The first rule and it still accounts for 80% of the challenge is to gain the readers attention, so if you are looking for a person who writes immaculate language, then your are looking for a coward and a sham because nobody ever competed with the massive media that way and got heard.

I am giving consideration to categorising my blogs into “fun” (haha)  and  “work”, ( but you are still allowed to enjoy it) so the less robust amongst us can achieve that gloriuois state we in Ireland used to decribe as “Cop-on”. Enjoy the rest of your day.

If you want a CV send an email to this.

. If you want to abuse me send it to this one. <enter your email here>.

Alternatively visit www.thebridger.co.uk.  There is currently a maintained online CV there, but I dont promise to always keep it up to date,  sometimes I am just too busy.

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