Consulting and Interim services

If you are enquiring about one of our consulting services or you are not sure and would just like to get some information, or if you are seeking an Interim Manager for a specific period and  a specific need, then then you can submit this form and we will make contact to arrange a free consultation on the telephone or provide you with specific papers or other assistance.


If you wish to add a hint it may help get the right person to you first time, but all we need is an email and first name and we will get right back to you. We wont keep your email on file any longer than necessary because we respect your privacy.
Thanks for getting in touch.


Free Consultations

There is an optional offer for everyone to book a free consultation with a field consultant lasting up to an hour to discuss your plans or requirements and get advice. There is no charge for this.
If you are requesting an Interim, we try to use this consultation to develop a deep understanding of your needs so that we can match them with the best person. This can normally be arranged within a day or two unless you need advice on the best type of candidate in which case we may have to wait for a specific person to be free,  If you a consulting type problem it will not replace a full needs analysis carried out after we agree to an engagement, but it can provide useful pointers for you as well as learning about how we might operate, how long it might take and so forth.
Free Consultations, apart from Interim needs, can take up to 10 working days to arrange because these are busy consultants and not sales people so they only have limited time available.