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Training downloads

Integrating a large complex enterprise without duct tape

Retail to Omni-channlel in easy steps


Requirements Roadmap

BBC content and data challenges

Lean knowledge management

Project planning immersion model

Enterprise Architecture case study

The Seven Day Business Case -case study

Case study KM

Retail to Omni-channel in easy steps

Web2 Islington

Identity management and user experience

Seven day business case

PM basic skills training day

project health monitor

Quality and PMO engagement model

Business Briefing training day>>

 Business Case Immersion Model brochure >>

 Business Case Skills training day >>

 Requirements Immersion Model >>

Planning Immersion Model >>

Implementation Planning – Immersion Model >>

Quality Assurance Model >>

Download PM1 overview day >>

Download Project Delivery Service Model>>

Download Requirements Roadmap>>

Download Project Health Monitor



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