PMP training and curriculum

PMP Certification process



Content of the PMP certification course

Course Outline:

Course Introduction

Module Objectives

Course Objectives


Module Structure

Module Summary

Mock Exams

Guidelines for the PMP® Exam Preparation

Who can apply?

Exam Prerequisites

PMP® Application Credentials

PMI application form

The Experience Verification Form

Application process

Booking the Exam

PMP® Exam Content

PMP® Exam style and format

Exam strategies


Project Management and Performance Domains

Introduction to Project Management

What is Project Management?

Portfolio, Program and Project Management

Project Versus Operation

Business Value

Project Governance

Role of the Project Manager

Responsibilities and Competencies of a Project Manager

Organisational Influence on Projects

Influencing Factors

Phases and Relationship Between them

Organisational Process Assets

Enterprise Environmental Factors


Project Life Cycle


Project Life Cycle Structure

Project Phases

Project Life Cycle Curves


Project Management Processes

Performance Domains




Monitoring and Controlling




Project Integration Management

Module Learning Objectives

Project Integration Management

Develop Project Charter

Develop Project Management Plan

Direct and Manage Project Work

Monitor and Control Project Work

Perform Integrated Change Control

Close Project or Phase


Project Scope Management

Module Learning Objectives

Overview of Project Scope Management

Plan Scope Management

Collect Requirements

Define Scope

Create WBS

Validate Scope

Control Scope

Project Time Management

Module Learning Objectives

Project Time Management

Plan Schedule Management

Define Activities

Sequence Activities

Estimate Activity Resources

Estimate Activity Durations

Develop Schedule

Control Schedule

Project Cost Management

Thinking Questions

Module Learning Objectives

Project Cost Management

Plan Cost Management

Estimate Costs

Determine Budget

Control Costs

Project Quality Management

Module Learning Objectives

Project Quality Management

Plan Quality Management

Perform Quality Assurance

Control Quality

Project Human Resource Management

Module Learning Objectives

Project Human Resource Management

Plan Human Resource Management

Acquire Project Team

Develop Project Team

Manage Project Team

Project Communications Management

Module Learning Objectives

Project Communications Management

Plan Communications Management

Manage Communications

Control Communications

Project Risk Management

Module Learning Objectives

Project Risk Management

Plan Risk Management

Identify Risks

Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis

Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis

Plan Risk Responses

Control Risks


Project Procurement Management

Module Learning Objectives

Overview of Project Procurement Management

Plan Procurement Management

Conduct Procurements

Control Procurements

Close Procurements

Project Stakeholder Management

Module Learning Objectives

Project Stakeholder Management

Identify Stakeholders

Plan Stakeholder Management

Manage Stakeholder Engagement

Control Stakeholder Engagement

Cross-Cutting Knowledge and Skills

Module Learning Objectives

List of Cross-Cutting Skills

Active Listening

Applicable Laws and Regulations

Benefits Realisation

Benefits Realisation Cycle

Brainstorming Techniques

Business Acumen

Change Management Techniques

Coaching and Mentoring

Training and Motivational Techniques

Communication Methods and Channels

Communication Tools and Techniques

Configuration Management

Conflict Resolution

Customer Satisfaction Techniques

Data Gathering Techniques

Decision Making

Delegation Techniques

Diversity and Cultural Sensitivity

Emotional Intelligence

Expert Judgement Technique


Generational Sensitivity and Diversity

Information Management Tools, Techniques and Methods

Interpersonal Skills

Knowledge Management

Leadership Tools, Techniques, and Skills

Lessons Learned Management Techniques

Meeting Management Techniques

Negotiating and Influencing Techniques and Skills

Organisational and Operational Awareness

Peer Review Processes

Presentation Tools and Techniques

Prioritisation/Time Management

Problem Solving Tools and Techniques

Project Finance Principles

Quality Assurance and Control Techniques

Relationship Management

Risk Assessment Techniques

Situational Awareness

Stakeholder Management Techniques

Team-building Techniques

Virtual/Remote Team Management


Course Wrap-Up