Thebridger was founded in 2008 right after the financial crash. Thankfully we have been able to move from cost-cutting to driving Digital transformation again. Our focus is delivering Digital transformation  in both supportive and disruptive scenarios.

Our experience has taught us that while the global political situation changes rapidly and the cycle of boom bust is always ready to spring a surprise, people don’t really change that much they just adapt a different vocabulary.
Technology still speaks ones and zeros and process still finds its maximum level of incompetence when left to its own devices. We focus our efforts on building bridges between People, Process and Technology to get the job done and we follow tailored versions of well proven approaches such as PMP, Prince 2, Scrum, Togaf, Zachman etc.


People Process Technology

We are expert as you would expect and carry certifications in many methods and approaches . We provide training, coaching and support to organisations in a variety of ways to help them acquire and develop skills, improve and ramp up capability or fill a short term need for expertise.

We can help with:

  • Identifying and codifying a business, delivery,  or technical problem.
  • Facilitating business strategy development
  • Aligning Technology Strategy with Business Strategy
  • Defining business and process solutions.
  • Defining or procuring technical solutions.
  • Overseeing safe integration with existing technology.
  • Defining, producing and in some cases delivering appropriate training, or just facilitating it.
  • Defining and sometimes, overseeing appropriate testing and User acceptance.
  • Planning and managing the disposal of old systems.
  • Defining safe data handling measures in line with PCI-DSS, GDPR and other regulations and helping you stay compliant.
  • Defining product propositions and User Journeys.
  • Establishing MVP, Alpha and Beta releases
  • Providing Agile and Project-management Training and coaching.

We make it as straightforward as possible to access the support.

The immersion™ framework is a simple model that helps you access a blend of support, training, coaching, Interim help and short consulting engagements in any combination that suits. We also offer help in finding technical staff though we are not operating a recruitment business and we can do this alongside of your regular recruitment partner.

How to engage with us

It all begins with hello, please just put a contact number, or email address into one of the forms and we will reply with an email confirmation and an invitation to arrange the most convenient way to start a conversation. Don’t worry, we are far too busy to stat sending you spam.

We don’t have a formal sales function, nor a formal sales process, but you will get to speak to a real-life consultant who will try to match you to the best person to discuss your subject area.  The following is a loose framework, but is more of a starting point than a rigid framework

Step one.  Agree ground rules, i.e. how you like to be contacted, or not as the case may be. What sort of answers would you like to achieve, are we a good match for this purpose and what is the best approach to achieve your immediate goals in terms of working together?

Step two. Agree an initial approach and an output format. E.g. “We will do a preliminary investigation of the problem you described, have a face to face and telephone calls as required and on “date” we will present a conclusion about what should be done and the alternative approaches. By “Date” you will decide if you want to continue and how.

  • If your requirement simply is to provide you an interim manager or coach for a time, or to deliver a training course, then this can be a very straightforward and lightweight process, but nevertheless the principles would remain the same and we would insist on understanding the problem before we start on solving it.

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