Change is not monkey business

Now let me give you a puzzle to solve.
By the way there’s no right or wrong answer to this, but please keep sending them in.
The case study.
Five monkeys were thrown in a cage with a banana on a shelf in the centre.
Each time a monkey approached the banana all the monkeys were sprayed with ice cold water from a hydrant so very soon they began to attack any monkey who approached the banana in order to avoid being sprayed. Then the hydrant was taken away and each monkey was replaced with a new one over a period of months. Each new monkey approached the banana and was immediately beaten up, therefore quickly learning the rules. Eventually there was not a single monkey left who had seen the fire hydrant yet the beatings continued.

The test.

If you were the next monkey to be put in the cage, what would your strategy be?.

If you were a monkey put in the cage to stop them beating each other, how would you approach it?

If you were the scientist controlling the experiment, how would you stop the beatings?

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