About us

Thebridger was founded in 2008 right after the financial crash. Thankfully we have been able to move from cost-cutting to driving Digital transformation again. Our focus is delivering Digital transformation in both supportive and disruptive scenarios.

Our experience has taught us that while the global political situation changes rapidly and the cycle of boom bust is always ready to spring a surprise, people don’t really change that much they just adapt a different vocabulary.
Technology still speaks ones and zeros and process still finds its maximum level of incompetence when left to its own devices. We focus our efforts on building bridges between People, Process and Technology to get the job done and we follow tailored versions of well proven approaches such as PMP, Prince 2, Scrum, Togaf, Zachman etc.

Interim, consulting and training services provided in key areas to support Digital Transformation:

How we operate as a Project Management  consultancy

Project and Programme Management services





We can provide you an experienced Project or Programme Manager with the right capabilities to suit your project on an Interim basis for any length of time in increments of One Month.  These people will differ from an interim agency offering in that they are provided from the ranks of our own staff and associates and are always operating with the support and back-up of the entire team here at theBridger, hence you are effectively hiring a team rather than a single individual, but they still merge into your workforce and become fully part of the team and answerable to you rather than to us.







Screen and Select Interims and Staff for your needs, leveraging our unique insights.
We are not recruiters and will not offer a recruitment service as you know it. What we will do is offer our expertise to help you get to the bottom of the best candidates for your needs and then pre-screen a high-quality shortlist for you to interview and make your hire. We don’t charge a recruitment commission just a flat hourly rate for the time we have put in and at the billing rate for the person involved. For example if you ask us to advertise also, we use our buying power to book low-cost adverts, use a lower paid person to deal with the first filtering of applicants and then utilise one or more highly skilled people to do the final shortlisting, This process costs us less than a fifth of the normal fee paid to a commission only agency and with our mark-up added it is still remarkably good value and a very civilized experience.

immersion™ consulting models

Immersion is an approach that has emerged over the years as a response to our clients need to combine solving a pressing problem with upgrading the skills and abilities of their staff and to so through addressing specific needs rather than the common blanket approach.








Example 1. We frequently meet new clients who continue to struggle with Project delivery despite having been recommended to train their staff in Prince 2, Scrum or other framework and having invested heavily only to see little return.
immersion™ addresses this scenario well because A. it isolates the problem and focuses on solving just that problem and B. It involves the staff in executing the strategy immediately rather than discussing theory without a chance to prove it and then forgetting the lessons before the opportunity arrives to test them out.






Example 2. We meet clients who are quite good at what they do and apply common sense well, but lack one specific piece of the jigsaw. It is not clear to them, mostly as a result of being too closely involved, precisely why things are going wrong. An end-to-end roll-out of a heavy-weight methodology may well stumble on this problem along the way if done well and may deliver the required solution, but most likely it will not and the cost and time-frames are not generally acceptable.
immersion™ addresses this scenario by focusing on the root of the problem before then administering a succinct solution.

immersion™ is a great way to:

  • Get your project, or work package off to a flying start
  • Get a project back on track
  • Get external help that develops and supports the team rather than undermining it
  • Add an extra level of Quality Assurance and objective analysis.

For a more comprehensive list click here.


Product development and Omni-Channel strategy

Through our CRM and search partnerships and our expertise within the online space, we are able to facilitate applying just the right level of rigour to:

  • Develop and test a new product idea or go-to-market strategy.
  • Develop an MVP and test it cheaply and effectively.
  • Help you pull together the solutions, processes, partners and skills needed to get your product flying off the shelves.
  • Debug the process confusion that accompanies Omni-Channel initiatives.
  • Keep your business on the right side of Data Protection law such as PCI-DSS and GDPR