Technology for people- why a Bridger?

Technology for people- why a Bridger?


The problem

Technologists, vendors and technical architects alike invent clever technology, but they build it to their view of the world and expect people to adapt to processes and methods that are often unruly and throw out the baby with the bathwater.
Project managers will deliver a pizza, or new gold mine to the same rules and Quality people will ask you what you want, get a signature and give you exactly that for better, or for worse.

The result

This failing causes products to stay on the shelf and systems to fail altogether, or deliver dismal benefits. Using the same approach and people to tackle the problem usually exacerbates it.


The solution

A Bridger approaches the people dimension along with the benefits and works back to the solution so that it is designed, or configured to deliver a specific outcome and bearing in mind the critical human elements for success.


The outcomes:

n     Systems that meet the need exactly

n     Products that are cherished

n     Customers that become your unpaid sales force

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