Management is about common sense, methodology is just a reminder

p class=”MsoNormal” style=”margin: 0cm 0cm 0pt;”>“So you don’t know what you want and you’ll be upset if you don’t get it. OK I’ll do my best?”

Where to sir?

Every journey begins with a vision of where the destination is. Sometimes you just have a good idea and expect to do a little exploration along the way, sort of watching for the signs, but without a very strong indication of where it is. Your’re runing a few extra risks here, you need to know when to recognise that you are lost and cut your losses. You do have an exit strategy I hope.

How long do you expect it will take driver?

Once you have a good definition of where the destination is you need a strong indication of what the journey is going to be like, how long it might take, whether it is dangerous, if you will need public transport and how you will recognise your destination when you arrive. If you assume that you can cover say 300 miles a day but you find out later that every city and bridge takes several hours to pass through, you may run out of food or fuel and the best thing to do is put your feet up and cancel the trip.

Speka the english por favor

Then of course there’s a different culture to contend with both on the journey and on arrival. Can I speak the language? Will they understand mine? Will I be able to find my way around? Will I be safe? Where will I get all the new skills from and will I be comfortable with this new experience?

Of course your future livelihood may depend on making this trip, what will you do then? Well here are a few suggestions:

  1. Find someone who’s been there and ask them to give you clear instructions so that you know exactly what to expect and are confident that it is where you want to go.
  2. Find someone who knows the way and ask them to travel with you.
  3. Find a service which will take you there safely all in one go and drop you in the city centre.

In everyday life we have little problem understanding these simple dilemmas and making the right choices. It is really easy to see how these issues interlink and the importance of getting it right. We weave different combinations of all these strategies with consummate ease on a day to day basis because we are seasoned and sophisticated travellers, children of the low-cost revolution, broadband and the set-top box.

Some of our friends and neighbours left far flung lands in difficult circumstances and completed journeys like this with spectacular success. Why then do some of the smartest people in government and business fail so miserably to plan simple journeys in business, neglect to identify their aims and requirements, fail to plan sensibly, ignore the risks and shy away from help lest they look weak or go over budget?

Yes you read it right, poor planning and failure to seek help is usually blamed on wanting to save money.

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  1. Hi Anette!Today, one year ago on 5.5.2012 I saw you live for the very first time at the concert in Nfcrnberg. It s so sad that you aren t at the band anrmyoe and as you left, I was so terribly sad and sometimes I am still. Because Nightwish with you meant everything to me, everything. Nowadays, I don t care any mor for the band. Nightwish with you was one of the first metal bands I listened to, and for me, metal was Nightwish at that time, but only because of you. But I believe that everything has its sense and I m so glad that we still can write you here and read from you here. And I m so sure that I will see you again :)Have a nice evening now and please take always good care of yourself :)Hugs,Pascal

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