Service to recruiters and HR directors

If you run a recruitment agency and you need to ensure you most important client gets the best possible service, then invest in a little help from someone who understands the challenges and knows what it takes to do the job.
Many hirers, especially at the more senior levels and interim hirers are not themselves well equipped to select the best skills, or to judge whether a candidate is who he says he is, technically, I mean.
The only way to make sure of this and to give your client a little extra value is to hire someone who truly speaks his language, but can add a little more to the party.
In just a few hours or a days engagement, I can make sure that your client really knows what he is trying to achieve and is equipped to make the best possible hire.
As well as making safe long term hires that are good for your short term goals, a client that is well treated will also add to your long term success in terms of repeat business, loyalty and recommendations.

Don’t waste everybody’s time trying to match buzzwords and sending wrong candidates in an attempt to narrow it down. Introduce an expert adviser to really understand the client need and help you pre-screen the best CV for processing.

If you are a hirer, concerned that the agencies you are dealing with are not geared up to give you quite the level of advice you would like and you can;t afford to get this one wrong, then don’t even hesitate.
Give me a call and I will help you decide exactly what your best options are for a hire and make sure you are only interviewing people who can cut the mustard.
I don’t take commissions, just a flat hourly fee plus any out o pocket expenses.

You know it makes sense call today.