Digital Transformation explained for the layman

Digital Transformation is a buzzword and as such you will find a wide range of explanations out there, yet there is in fact no widely agreed definition. Since the arrival of the internet as a force in the mid-nineties, I and millions like me around the globe have engaged in finding new ideas and turning … Read more

Data Mining explained for the layman

Data mining is a buzzword. What it describes is really a form of Machine learning and there is no definitive border between one of these many overlapping disciplines and another, so the takeaway is not to get too worried about it and ignore anyone who does unless they are your boss, or paying very well. … Read more

Inflation explained for the layman

It is impossible to discuss cryptocurrency without understanding inflation. It is a simple concept that causes massive confusion. Even politicians with fiscal responsibility can be heard making huge gaffes in public, though often that is deliberate. Ill return to this. There are two ways of viewing inflation that are two sides of the same coin … Read more

Encryption explained for the layman

Encryption is nothing more than a harmless mathematical algorithm that converts your information into unintelligible rubbish to the extent that that it is pretty much impossible to retrieve and read it without the Public key. Blowfish, AES RC4, RC5, and RC6 are examples of encryption algorithms. By giving someone the Public key they can achieve … Read more